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Will my teeth move after I’ve had braces?

On July 2nd 2018  /  By Corner 32 Dental  /  Orthodontics

Wearing braces produces fantastic results to improve a person’s smile and boost self-confidence. It is important to note that teeth have a type of ‘memory’, which means that without wearing retainers after braces, they will have a tendency to shift back into their original position. {...}


My dentist keeps talking about fissure sealants!

On June 4th 2018  /  By Corner 32 Dental  /  Preventative Dental

If your child has seen one of our dentists at Corner 32 Dental, it is most likely that you have heard about fissure sealants! {...}


How often should I brush my teeth?

On May 2nd 2018  /  By Corner 32 Dental  /  Dental Hygiene

Twice daily tooth brushing is essential! {...}


Does my child need a mouthguard?

On April 5th 2018  /  By Corner 32 Dental  /  Dental Trauma

Participating in sports activities nowadays is the norm for many children. Any sporting activity that involves contact with other players, balls or sticks means that there is the potential of trauma to the teeth. {...}


 Note to expecting mothers!

On January 31st 2018  /  By Corner 32 Dental  /  Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a challenging period, especially for new mothers who don’t know what to expect. One thing you can do to make the journey easier is to keep on top of your dental health. Keep reading to find out what we suggest! {...}


Merry Christmas from Dr Liz and Dr Lora!

On December 21st 2017  /  By Corner 32 Dental  /  Merry Christmas

As we approach this very busy and exciting time of year, our team would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe New Year. We will be closed over the Christmas period but look forward to taking care of you when we reopen in January. In case you haven’t yet met our team, keep reading below to meet our principal dentists! {...}