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Merry Christmas from Dr Liz and Dr Lora!

As we approach this very busy and exciting time of year, our team would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and safe New Year. We will be closed over the Christmas period but look forward to taking care of you when we reopen in January. In case you haven’t yet met our team, keep reading below to meet our principal dentists!

Dr Liz and Dr Lora studied dentistry together at Sydney University and have been great friends for many years. As general dentists, they are passionate about treating patients of all ages and their treatment specialties cover the realm of general dentistry services. Dr Liz and Dr Lora are excited to combine their skills to create a practice centred on their treatment philosophy of preventative care, and particularly encourage children to start taking care of their teeth from a young age. Dr Liz and Dr Lora encourage a holistic approach towards dental health and collaborate closely with other dental and medical specialists to ensure patients receive the best and most appropriate treatment to maintain and restore health.

Dr Liz and Dr Lora are well known for their caring and friendly nature and very much enjoy being able to change people’s perception of visiting the dentist. They are particularly dedicated to reassuring more nervous patients, and are able to offer happy gas to create a more calming experience for patients while in the dental chair. 

Outside of the surgery, you are sure to find our dentists in the local cafes around Putney enjoying a good cup of coffee!

We look forward to meeting you in 2018!

By: Dr Elizabeth Arena